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    SCHILLING ENGINEERING has obtained the Energy Management Certificate ISO 50001: 2011.

    Our holistic energy management system ensures consistent energy savings. This not only benefits the environment, our customers also see our environmental awareness and ISO 50001 certification as clear-cut advantage.


    Extremely energy-efficient cleanroom system CleanCell (patent pending)   Green_Cleanroom_Logo_4c

    • User-controlled and holistic regulation of      the entire cleanroom system

           -     Process and user controlled clean air supply and lighting

           -     Controlled clean air supply after accruing contamination

           -     The system automatically moves "zone-controlled" from process mode to idle mode

    • Innovative recirculation technology uses the cooled and filtered air in the circulation
    • Use of energy-efficient high-performance      filters
    • LED lighting
    • Possibility of heat recovery
    • Focus low energy consumption over the entire life cycle of the plant
    • Most of the materials used can be recycled


    Energy efficiency as a focus of the company

    • Converting the vehicle fleet to hybrid/electric cars -> By the end of 2018, 1/4 of the fleet will already be environmentally friendly
    • The electric vehicles are charged using self-generated electricity of photovoltaics using e-filling stations on company premises
    • Energy production on the hall roofs (120 kWp Hall 2 + 164 kWp Hall 3) by means of a PV system
    • Use of own energy and the heat pump
    • Energy for heating the buildings is obtained through a heat pump
    • Hall lighting in the new cold hall with LED lights
    • Switching to digital work processes reduces necessary resources (paper, toner, etc.)