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Ionizing Air Pistol

Réf. article: 8003.5.954

Ionizing Air Pistol
RI LG V 7206 000 nozzle Ø3 mm

for the elimination of electrostatic charges

connection cable 8003.5.955
compressed air hose 8003.5.956
power adaptor 8003.5.957

Connection Cable System X-2000

Réf. article: 8003.5.955

Connection Cable System X-2000
incl. protective hose KOAX AC TPE

for Ionizing Air Pistol Art.No. 8003.5.954

Compressed Air Hose

Réf. article: 8003.5.956

Compressed Air Hose 5m

for Ionizing Air Pistol Art.No. 8003.5.954

Power Adaptor

Réf. article: 8003.5.957

Power Adaptor 

4 connections 230V/50-60 Hz 

for Ionizing Air Pistol Art.No. 8003.5.954

Ionizing systems (or ionization systems) are used to neutralize electrostatic charges using ionized air purification. This prevents undesired dust particles or other quality-affecting substances from becoming attracted by statically charged materials and attaching themselves to the surface. The electrostatic charges are neutralized by employing bipolar ions; the interfering particles can simply be cleaned or blown off then.