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We offer not only the initial qualification of your cleanroom systems, but also carry out the requalifications required. Our experienced service technicians offer you professional support, carry out all necessary measurements and record the results. They also take care of the maintenance and replacement of the filter systems quickly and reliably.


The qualification tests are carried out in accordance with the EU GMP guidelines and DIN EN ISO 14644 and recorded in a detailed GMP documentation. All work steps, test procedures and measured values ​​are thus traceable for external test centers and can be legally verified.


The qualification measurements are billed transparently for each measuring point without hidden costs. Because we have a large number of trained clean roomservice technicians due to our core competence in cleanroom construction, we can plan training assignments flexibly and offer a good price-performance ratio.


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We carry out the following measurements:


Particle measurements

 - Determination of the cleanroom class

 - Recovery time measurement / recovery test

 - Integrity test / filter leak test


Climate measurements

 - Individual measurements of temperature

 - Individual measurements of relative room air humidity


 Pressure measurements

 - Evidence of the differential pressure cascades

 - Differential pressure measurement on the filters


Flow measurements

 - measurement of air speed

 - Measurement of the air volume flow

 - Calculation of the air exchange rate

 - flow visualizations


Other measurements

 - Measurement of sound pressure level

 - Measurement of illuminance

 - leak tests