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Cleanroom Workstations

Many areas of industry as well as science and research fields need a clean environment free from particles or germs in the air. However, in some cases, establishing a complete cleanroom is not absolutely essential; it is enough to create, for example, a cleanroom workstation. With products from SCHILLING ENGINEERING, businesses can establish a cleanroom workstation and a clean environment in conventionally ventilated areas. Such a workstation is ideal for spaces where employees or products must be protected from particles in the air. Applications for a cleanroom workstation range from the pharmaceutical industry to the cosmetic or automobile industry. Thanks to the modular and compact design, the individual modules can be positioned directly on the wall.

The CleanProCel workstation systems offer the highest product and personal protection in a small space. Innovative filter technology and optimized airflows ensure distinct clean air areas with particularly sensitive production and measuring processes. The flexible design allows for the systems to be varied in terms of size and performance and can be ideally adapted to the customers’ needs and room conditions.