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Decontamination Flooring b'mat

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Articleno.: 8005.5.328

permanent decontamination flooring for cleanroom entrances and exits, easy cleaning

  • Dimensions: width 1,2 m x max. length 25 m, Thickness 2,54 mm
  • Colour: blue
  • Material: Flooring made of proprietary polymer (bacteriostatic, antistatic),
    optional facric backing edges made of black PVC
  • Coefficient of friction: 2,02 (ASTM C1028), 4,05 (Tortus)
  • Load resistance: 84 kg/ cm²
  • Heat resistance: use between 0°C and 50 °C
  • Surface resistivity: 10/8 Ohm/cm²
  • Outgasing: negligible
  • Observed lifetime: between 3 and 5 years, according to its use and the frequency of the cleaning process
  • with protective cover

minimum quantity: 2m²