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Cleanroom Telephone

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Articleno.: 8004.5.870

Cleanroom Telephone with foil cover

  • Aluminium front panel
  • Keypad, speaker, mikrophone, one-touch dialing
  • Sound permeable foil attached on the front panel
  • Resistent to desinfectants
  • Easy cleaning
  • Power supply 15V / 1,2 A incl.
  • External dimensions: 300x120x76 mm
  • Dimensions back part of housing: 265x100x72

The cleanroom telephone was designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and laboratories. A sound permeable foil cover protects the device from disinfectants, chemicals and contamination. The keyboard and loudspeakers are arranged on a level surface and are easy to clean. The vibrating protective foil provides for good acoustics.