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Cleanroom products and equipment for the particle-free workroom

SCHILLING ENGINEERING offers you all cleanroom accessories for your entire needs. To comply with the hygiene requirements of virtually particle-free cleanrooms, high quality cleanroom products are decisive. Suitable work clothes, special cleanroom clothing and cleanroom furnishings are crucial to create the required conditions. Cleanroom air showers or cleanroom access areas are equipped with special peel-off mats, permanent mats or changing room mats. The air shower facilities are used to change clothes.
Wardrobes, sit-over benches and sinks are found in the air shower facilities. Besides cleanroom supplies like waste bins, cleaning and disinfection systems, disinfectants, vacuum cleaners, vertical and foil blinds, cleanroom cloths and dispensers, we also offer special particle measuring devices and bag welding machines. In our product portfolio, you find an extensive selection of consumables and devices for use in cleanrooms. To utilize your available space optimally, we manufacture cleanroom products and cleanroom furniture in a fully customized way according to your wishes and expectations.

SCHILLING ENGINEERING offers services in addition to the extensive portfolio of cleanroom products and equipment. Quality and progress are important to us. From planning, developing and assembling modern cleanroom solutions all the way to giving continuous advice or adapting existing processes or cleanroom products while the operation takes place, our team supports you expertly. Convince yourself of our expertise and efficiency.