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Disposable Overshoes

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Articleno.: 8005.5.313

Cleanroom Overshoes

  • CPE material
  • blue
  • universal size 39 x 15 cm (suitable up to size 44)
    -bigger sizes on demand-
  • Packaging unit: 4.000 pieces (in bags à 100 pieces)

Overshoe dispenser

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Articleno.: 8007.5.292

Automatic overshoe dispenser for staff and visitors.
Mobile without electricity.

Dimensions: 700 x 320 x 230 mm

  • improves hygiene & cleanliness
  • very hygienic because overshoes are not touched by hand
  • reduces germs and infections
  • maintenance-free and highly reliable
  • simple, fast operation
  • very quiet in use
  • adapts automatically to the shoe
  • Cleanroom Certification ISO class 5 according to EN ISO 14644-1
  • weight: 8,5 kg
  • Operation: The user puts his foot in the machine on the open overshoe. When pulling out the foot to the back, the shoe cover fits perfectly to the foot.

For use with the overshoes product number 8007.5.293, 8007.5.294, 8007.5.2925

Overshoe Economy

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Articleno.: 8007.5.293

Overshoe Economy for Overshoe Dispenser

PE (Polyethylen)

  • For indoor and short-term use
  • Ideal as soil protection
  • Length: 46 cm
  • Color: blue
  • 10 bags à 110 pieces

For use with the overshoe dispenser 8007.5.292

Overshoe CPE

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Articleno.: 8007.5.294

Overshoe CPE for Overshoe Dispenser

CPE (Cast Polyethylen), waterproof

  • Extremely tear-resistant in 60 my thickness
  • Maximum protection against liquids, waterproof
  • Length: 47 cm
  • Color: blue or green
  • 10 bags à 110 pieces

For use with the overshoe dispenser product number 8007.5.292

Overshoe PP

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Articleno.: 8007.5.295

Overshoe PP for Overshoe Dispenser

Polypropylen, with structure

  • Air permeable
  • Bottom with anti-slip structure of CPE
  • For dry areas
  • Length: 46 cm
  • Color: light blue
  • 10 bags à 100 pieces

For use with the overshoe dispenser product number 8007.5.292