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Is clean room technology a "foreign word" for you? Not for us!
Depending on the industry and application, different technical and design requirements pertain; the size and quality of a clean room should be adapted precisely to the process needed. The success and efficiency of a cleanroom system depend primarily on the quality of planning in advance.

We can look back on decades of experience in clean room projects in a wide variety of industries, offering you independent, professional consulting for your investment decisions.


  • Machining of clean room concepts
  • Modifications, expansions, optimisation, new construction
  • Realistic cost estimates, feasibility calculations, operating costs
  • Process, material and personnel flow
  • Legal requirements, standards and conditions
  • Process requirements, integration of production systems
  • Required clean room classes and sizes
  • Climatic requirements for an undisturbed process
  • Structural requirements and prerequisites

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